10 ways to make more money from your email marketing

Does your organisation send out marketing emails? Perhaps you regularly contact a large database of email subscribers, or maybe you just send one-off emails that you hadn’t even thought of as being a form of marketing.

Here are 10 copywriting tips to ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment each time you put finger to keyboard.

1. Focus on benefits

You’re demanding people take time from their busy day to read your email, so make it worth their while. Write with a strong emphasis on what’s in it for them (both to read your email and to buy whatever you’re selling).

2. Get the subject line right

In traditional advertising and marketing, you live or die by your headline. For emails, the same applies to the subject line.

News or new information both make for good subject lines (as long as the news is of interest to your reader). ‘How’, ‘why’ and ‘which’ are also powerful angles, each creating the impression that there will be valuable information in the email.

3. Test it

Run an A/B test to compare the success rates of different subject lines. You might be surprised to see the varying results between what you thought were fairly similar subject lines.

4. Keep it simple

Short words, short sentences and short paragraphs. You’re trying to convince people to go out of their way to give you their money – don’t make them work for it.

5. But your email needn’t be short

As long as it’s built from those blocks of short words, sentences and paragraphs, your email can be as long as you like. Or, to be more precise, as long as it needs to be.

If your email is well-written, waffle-free and focused on benefits, people will keep reading.

6. Write to one person

Imagine your email is being sent to just one individual. Write to them alone and tailor every aspect of the email to that person.

When you’re writing to hundreds or thousands of people, it’s easy to start feeling like you’re addressing the masses. But each email will be delivered to one person and read only by them. Use that intimacy to your advantage.

7. Be conversational

You’re trying to build rapport with someone, so be as conversational as you can in your email. Precisely how conversational that is will depend on your business and your target customer.

8. Stay positive

Using negative words creates doubt for the reader. You’re trying to gently encourage them that buying from you makes sense. If you’re using phrases like “don’t delay”, that sends out a negative message.

Try “act now” instead.

9. Remember the call-to-action

The best way to get people to take the action you want them to after reading your email is to ask them to do it.

The beauty of email as a medium is that you can easily include more than one call-to-action. For example, you might have a call-to-action at the very top of the email and another at the end. Just make sure that all calls-to-action asking the reader to do the same thing or you’ll just end up confusing them.

You should then refer back to point 3 and test different calls-to-action to see which generates the most profit.

10. Sign-off as a real person

We all know that the marketing emails we receive were probably sent in bulk to a huge mailing list, but that’s no excuse for losing the personal touch.

If you’re writing to someone with the intention of selling, send the email from a real person. After all, would you be more inclined to buy from a real person you can reply to or from a faceless ‘Sales Team’?

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