5 ways copywriting can improve your landing page

Sending people to your website home page is not always the most effective way of generating sales leads. Landing pages are often far more useful way of funneling readers towards the action you want them to take.

While design and layout are big factors, the message your reader encounters on a landing page is arguably the single most important aspect of your page.

Here are five ways that good copywriting will help to make your landing page as profitable as possible.

1. Clarity

It’s always best if your landing page sticks to one idea and goes to town on it. Too many landing pages end up being Jack of all trades. ‘If you don’t like that, maybe you’ll like this…’

That creates confusion for the reader.

Good landing page copy will lead the person who’s landed on it towards the sole purpose for getting them to land on the page in the first place. You need to decide what it is you want the reader to do during the planning process.

2. Attention-grabbing

Whether you’re relying mainly on copy or video to get your message across, you always need to find a way to grab your prospect’s attention. In both cases, good copywriting will help you to achieve that.

That means sharp headlines or voiceover scripts that address a need of your reader or a benefit you can offer them. That leads us to…

3. Benefits

Your landing page should be focused on the benefits of your product or service. Whatever you decided you want the reader to do after landing on the page, your copy should be extolling the virtues of doing just that.

The simpler the task and the greater the reward, the easier it becomes to make your landing page a success. So, offering a 10% discount in return for somebody giving you their email address is likely to get good results.

4. Urgency

Your copy should convince the reader that they need to take action immediately. We all tend to put off anything that we think can wait, so it’s important that your landing page wards off that instinct.

5. Call to action

Anyone who’s conducted even the quickest A/B test will know the importance of your call to action. The slightest tweaks in wording can have a huge impact on whether your landing page converts.

Good copy makes all the difference.

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