How to write blog posts Google will love

Are you slogging away on your business blog but not getting the increase in traffic you were hoping for? Here are a few pointers to help you write content that will improve your Google ranking.

Write blog posts that real people love

That’s the first step. It’s far easier to improve your Google ranking if readers love your blog posts. Continue reading

The importance of you

You. For a three-letter word, it’s pretty powerful.

In fact, it’s probably the single most powerful word at your disposal when writing copy.

On your website, in your marketing materials and in your emails, you’re usually trying to persuade the reader to do something. Whether that’s to buy, click, sign-up or reply, using the word ‘you’ is a great first step. Continue reading

How Daniel Day-Lewis can improve your brochure copywriting

The biggest single failing in 90 per cent of business brochures we see is their self-congratulatory nature.

When people sit down to write their brochure copy, it’s almost as if they’ve imagined a visit from Michael Aspel and he’s announced: “[Insert business name], this is your life.”

They immediately lose sight of the purpose and target audience of their brochure and instead set about bragging. Continue reading

How using Anglo-Saxon words will help you write better copy

Too many of us hide behind flowery language and complicated vocabulary when we start writing. There’s a warped logic that suggests the fewer people who understand a piece of writing, the better it must be.

But it’s an unusual marketplace in which a business will attract new customers by talking down to them and making it as hard as possible to uncover the true meaning behind a message. Continue reading