Copywriting for Facebook Ads

In recent weeks, we’ve found ourselves regularly writing copy for Facebook Ads. It’s not something we’d looked at in great detail before.

Of course, the basic principles of writing copy for any form of advertising still apply. But here are some of the things that have worked well on Facebook in our experience.

Create more than one advert

There are lots of things that Facebook Ads doesn’t have going for it, but one thing in its favour is the amount it knows about the people you’re trying to reach.

If you’ve got a broad range of target customers, try splitting them into different reader personas and targeting an advert at each of them. If you’re spending £5 per day, it would be better to spend £1 on five separate adverts rather than trying to devise a single advert that will entice all of your readers.

Beat the headline restrictions

With its 25-character limit, Facebook Ads is almost demanding a dodgy headline. Many people give up and opt to simply use their business name.

We’ve had success with snappy, not quite grammatically correct questions. You might have to do away with the ‘Do you…’ or ‘Are you…’, and instead use something like:

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Use powerful words

As we said at the outset, there is inevitable crossover with other forms of copywriting. Using powerful, attention-grabbing words is as important in Facebook Ads as it is in any other type of advert. You might try:

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Keep them on Facebook

Use your ad to keep your reader on Facebook. People are not in purchasing mode when they’re on Facebook.

Adverts are more effective when they’re being used to build a Facebook audience rather than sell or send traffic to a website.

Explain the benefits of a ‘Like’

You see so many Facebook Ads that simply describe what a page does. Try to incorporate a reason for people to ‘Like’ your page.

Once again, you’re up against a character limit but do your best to tell people what’s in it for them if they do choose to hit the ‘Like’ button.

The multiple ads mentioned above make it easy to tailor the benefits to a specific group of people you want to target because you can focus on a single interest.

That could be information on a particular topic, an offer, content that’s exclusive to your Facebook page, discount codes or a host of other possibilities.

Add a sense of urgency

Give people a reason to click your advert there and then. Don’t allow them to think they’ll just click it next time it appears.

Limited offers and anything else that gives the reader a deadline are safe bets.

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