Daily Dealicious delivers discount deals to NI

An exciting new online venture is set to bring outstanding deals to Northern Irish consumers, and drum-up new business for companies across the Province.

The Dailydealicious.co.uk website launches next Monday, March 28, offering its users the chance to take advantage of a cut-price deal every day. The site’s group-buying system allows customers to benefit from hefty discounts by buying in bulk together through Daily Dealicious.

The site is also proving to be a hit with local businesses. Several major local firms, including Radisson Blu Hotel Belfast, are already lined up to offer their deals on the site, while the luxurious Galgorm Manor Resort and Spa is giving away a one-night stay, including dinner and spa treatments, as a competition prize to celebrate the launch.

Each deal featured on the site will benefit from a bespoke email marketing campaign, which will be delivered to the inboxes of thousands of potential customers across Northern Ireland.

Daily Dealicious general manager Gemma McClay said: “There are some major global players already using group buying websites, but we feel there is a gap in the market for a deals website with a Northern Ireland focus.

“The international group-buying companies tend to take a hands-off approach to both clients and customers.

“We know the local market, we know local business and we want to add some personality to what we’re doing, both in terms of a strong online community of customers as well as being a friendly and helpful company that our corporate clients can deal with face-to-face.”

The online community will revolve around Daily Dealicious’s blog, Facebook and Twitter pages, where users will be able to enter up to three competitions each week, starting with the Galgorm Manor prize.

Daily Dealicious is expected to create at least six new jobs in Belfast over the coming months. Senior account manager Aaron Kerr is convinced that Northern Irish business owners will prefer to trade locally if the price is right.

He said: “People like to do business with local companies and we think that the idea of a Northern Ireland-specific deals website run by a company with a vested interest in the success of Northern Irish businesses will be popular.

“But we’re also realistic enough to know that, in the current climate, the bottom line is the most important factor. We’re setting our pricing accordingly.”

Daily Dealicious will be up to 50 per cent cheaper to local businesses wanting to feature on the site than its competitors, added Aaron.

You can sign-up online now at www.dailydealicious.co.uk to receive every deal via email and for full details on entering the Galgorm Manor competition.

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