Email marketing: the message is as important as the technology

It’s time to address a Voz Media pet peeve: email marketing systems (or at least the illogical approach some businesses take to email marketing systems).

It’s not uncommon for companies to throw thousands of pounds at an all-singing, all-dancing system to reach thousands of leads in the hope of bringing in a raft of new clients. They might even chuck a few hundred quid after it to secure a database or mailing list to target.

There’s nothing wrong with many of these email marketing systems in terms of their functionality. It’s just that so many people take the Ronseal approach when signing up for them: they read email marketing on the tin and assume that’s what it does.

What you’re paying for is the technological ability to deliver lots of emails. That’s pretty much it.

In most cases the ‘marketing’ side of things is down to you. Delivering all the emails is the easy part; you’ve then got to worry about convincing people to part with their hard-earned cash.

Considering the importance of the content and the message in achieving what you would assume to be the key goals of an email marketing campaign, the amount of time and consideration afforded to it is disproportionately low in many cases.

It’s like paying to hire a very fast car from a rental firm only to find that there’s no petrol in the tank. In theory, you’ve got all the technology you need to achieve your aims but your campaign can’t run on that alone.

If you’re happy honking your horn on the forecourt, that’s fair enough. If, on the other hand, you’d like a chat about how we can fuel your email marketing campaign, please get in touch.

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