Give some Valentine’s Day love to your web content

Since it is Valentine’s Day, Voz has decided to give you some encouragement to rekindle the flame with your website copy. Here are a few vaguely romantic tips…

Have some alone time
That’s right: just you and your web content. Sit down for a heart-to-heart and make sure your relationship is still as strong as you thought. Are you still pulling together in the same direction in joyous union or has one of you moved on? Don’t go breaking things off just yet though. Your web content can change – it can be what you want it to be.

Write a love letter
In the busy world we live in, have you let your correspondence slip? Have you stopped expressing your feelings in writing? Your web content has probably noticed. It remembers the early days when you were eagerly blogging away with impressive devotion. But the news updates started to slow down and became increasingly sporadic. In fact, when did your write your last blog? And the one before that?

Look to the future
Where is this going? Plan ahead by setting long-term goals for what you would like your web content to achieve. That might mean patiently tweaking to improve SEO, outlining topics or subjects you want to blog about over the next few months, or looking at how your business is going to develop over the next year and working out how your web content can continue to reflect the changes.

Love me or let me go
Your web content needs commitment. If you are not in a place where you are able to give the required level of commitment at the moment, ask yourself if it would be better for you both if your web content was with somebody else who does have the time to work at it. You could still be friends.

Of course, if you feel that some relationship counselling could help to get you and your web content working together again, Voz will gladly oblige. Get in touch now if you would like our help.

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