How to write PPC ads

The increasing importance of Google AdWords and other forms of pay-per-click advertising has turned many businesses into small advertising agencies.

Maybe even your own business has had to adapt to this, learning the technology and systems used to set-up and manage campaigns. And learning how to budget a campaign to secure the placement you want.

The thing that often gets left behind is the copy. It’s all very well throwing enough money at an advert to secure the top position on Google, but you need to think about what the advert says if you want to get the best possible return from your advertising budget.

Here’s how to do that…

Know your reader

The first thing you need to establish is, who do you want to click on your advert? It’s not enough to say “potential customers”.

You need to think about who these potential customers are, what they’re looking for and why they would want to visit your website.

Include the keyword in your headline

We’ve established that you’re not taking a shot in the dark with your PPC advertising: you know exactly who you’re targeting and why they’re looking for you.

To maximise the impact of that approach, use the keyword within the headline. You know that’s exactly what the prospect is looking for (because they searched for it) so let them know that they can find it by visiting your website.

Mention a benefit in the headline

Now it starts to get trickier. Can you also give a benefit of clicking on your advert to the reader when you’ve only got 25 characters?

You should always give it a go. The research shows that far more people read your headline that will ever get as far as the body copy. To give yourself the best possible chance of getting a benefit in your headline…

Aim for brevity

The often quoted line from French philosopher Blaise Pascal is: “I have only made this letter longer because I have not had the time to make it shorter.”

In pay-per-click copywriting, you need to take the time to make your point in as few words as possible. That will allow you to include more relevant information while keeping the advert simple and concise for your reader.

Use power words

With such a limit on the number of words you can use in PPC advertising, you need to make sure that they all count.

‘Power words’ – such as free, now, win, learn, money, trust, easy, quick, guarantee – will make the greatest impression on your reader.

Include a call-to-action

Don’t forget to tell your reader what you’re expected them to do once they’ve clicked the advert. Buy now, sign-up, get in touch or order: tell them what they’ll be doing once they’ve clicked.

Write more than one advert

If you’re targeting your advert as precisely as you need to for PPC, it probably won’t be relevant to all Google searches by all of your potential customers. Have more than one advert so that you can tailor to different audiences.

Having variations on your advert will also allow you to test which one gets the best results.

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