Is all copywriting improved by emotive piano music?

Holiday firm Thomson debuted their new TV advert over the weekend. If our Twitter stream is anything to do by then it went down an absolute storm.

Tears, shivers and excitement were all mentioned. Granted, unless those people then go on to book holidays with Thomson, it’s only succeeded in reducing scores of The X Factor’s viewers to emotional wrecks. But given how many people felt compelled to tweet about it, we reckon it’s probably hit the mark.

The advert follows a formula that has worked well for Thomson in recent ads: emotive piano music, emotive pictures and emotive copywriting.

A previous advert featured a child – who delivered the voiceover – and his family enjoying a Thomson resort. The new advert instead draws on the power of holidays past. It definitely owes something to Don Draper’s Nostalgia pitch to Kodak in Mad Men.

Of course, it’s the copywriting that’s of most interest to us.

“Remember those first steps abroad? Your first glimpse of sunny shores?”

The advert gets you involved immediately with a couple of questions. You’re immediately in no doubt that you’re supposed to be taking a walk down memory lane. The use of the second person pronoun ‘your’ helps with that. These are your holiday memories we’re reminiscing over.

“A new way to travel”

In the pitch above, Don Draper says that nostalgia is the only thing more powerful than new. Thomson’s ad attempts to combine both. Apart from the Thomson brand, what’s actually being sold here is their new Dreamliner plane.

“More space and comfort”

The all-important benefits. There would be no point unveiling the new plane and not telling people why they should fly on it. “More space and comfort,” are the reasons given in the new campaign.

The copywriting is solid, but it definitely leans on the music and pictures to get the message across. It’s almost deliberately understated, safe in the knowledge that the whole package will have the desired effect.

Does the new Thomson advert get the thumbs up from you?

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