NI app helping sports teams up their game

A Portadown entrepreneur is set to take the internet by storm in 2012 with a new iPad app that helps sports teams to improve their performance.

Sports analyst Danny Turley, aged 25, has developed the Performa Sports app, which allows coaches and performance analysts to monitor how a team is faring during a match and respond accordingly.

Danny said: “Small margins make all the difference in sport. Whatever level they are playing at, teams are constantly looking at ways to capitalise on those margins.

“With Performa Sports, teams can generate data that makes it easy to spot the areas of the game that can help them to win the match while it is still in progress.”

Danny began developing Performa Sports during his work as a performance analyst with the Armagh County GAA team. He was keen to create a tool that would allow him to pass statistical observations to coaches in real-time so they could make an impact on the match.

He said: “I would spend hours running through match videos, so I developed Performa Sports as a tool that allows the bulk of the analysis work could be completed during matches.

“Analysis can be very time consuming unless you’re at the very top level of sport and spending thousands of pounds a year on equipment.

“We’ve developed Performa Sports to be very intuitive so that you can save a lot of time and to ensure that clubs at all levels of their sport can generate data to benefit the team during and after matches.”

The potential of the Performa Sports app has already been acknowledged by Advantage NI, which awarded Danny the Growth Potential Award at the Advantage Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

The app – suitable for football, Gaelic football, hurling and rugby teams – launched last month on the App Store and has already attracted plenty of attention.

The Ulster GAA Council was among the first organisations to sign-up for the app, with several sports clubs in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and England also expressing an interest.

Visit for more information or download the app at

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