Performa Sports app gives football teams the edge

Football clubs at all levels of the game can now get their own handheld Andre Villas Boas thanks to the Performa Sports iPad app.

The Chelsea manager famously cut his teeth preparing Jose Mourinho’s legendary information dossiers. Now coaches further down the football pyramid can access their own in-depth analysis.

Performa Sports is a performance analysis tool that allows coaching staff to build up information on their players and opponents during matches. The app brings high-tech analytical tools to Apple’s tablet device.

Coaches and analysts can get the edge over the opposition by responding to problems identified by Performa Sports data while games are still being played.

Managing director Danny Turley said: “Small margins make all the difference in football. Whatever level they are playing at, teams are constantly looking at ways to capitalise on those margins.

“With Performa Sports, teams can generate data that makes it easy to spot the areas of the game that can help them to win the match while the game is still in progress.”

The app allows each event in the play to be easily tagged and the appropriate outcome selected as it happens. Events and outcomes can be customised so that users can generate unique, personalised analysis.

Danny came up with the idea for the app during his own work as a sports analyst. After spending hours running through match videos, he set about developing Performa Sports to ensure that the bulk of the analysis work could be completed during matches.

He continued: “The biggest teams in the country use performance analysis to up their game, but they spend thousands of pounds every year to do this. Clubs lower down the pyramid want to add that professionalism to their setup, but until now the price was prohibitive.

“There was a situation where the people who have least time on their hands to spend on analysis were forced to spend the most hours on it in order to do a decent job.

“We’ve developed Performa Sports to be very intuitive to ensure you don’t need days of training to get the most out of it and make performance analysis as easy as possible.”

The versatile app is also suitable for rugby, Gaelic football and hurling, with basketball, hockey, ice hockey and cricket versions on the way soon.

Visit for more information or download the app now.

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