5 reasons to invest in a copywriter for your product descriptions

Are you selling online? Here are 5 reasons why your e-commerce product descriptions merit some attention.

1. Keep Google happy

The internet powers that be are not big fans of duplicated content. In fact, they hate it. If you’re copying and pasting product descriptions from your suppliers – and their other customers are doing the same – Google is likely to think you’re a content-thieving spammer.

2. Build a consistent tone of voice throughout your website

If your brand has a personality – and it should – it jars for the reader if your product descriptions are suddenly written in a stuffy tone that’s completely different from the rest of the website.

3. Give the product a personality

Within the overall tone of your brand, there’s scope to build up additional personality around a particular product. Giving a product it’s own voice allows you to speak very directly to your target customer.

4. Entertain your reader

It’s by no means the most important reason on this list, but it’s another valuable tool. Your product descriptions don’t have to be bland. Why not make them entertaining to read so that people enjoy getting to know your product and are more inclined to share it with their friends?

5. Increase your sales

Product descriptions don’t have to be merely a rundown of their vital statistics – it’s your last chance to clinch a sale. The copy should be doing everything possible to convince the reader that they want this product.

Talk to us about getting bespoke copy for your products.

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