Why your words on the web matter

Think about why other people’s words on the web matter to you
In order to realise the importance of your website content, you need only think about your own online experience. Why do you visit other people’s websites? You probably wouldn’t need too many fingers to count the number of times you’ve bought a product or service on the basis of design alone.

Beyond that, consider the sort of information that you’re looking for when you visit a website. That leads us to…

Tell your readers why it matters to them
When you land on a company’s website, you’re probably not overly impressed by being bombarded with information about what generation of the family is currently running the business or the minutiae of what the business does. Similarly, people visiting your site don’t really care about these things. The reader needs to know what’s in it for them. Insular, self-centred copy is off-putting to readers. Continue reading

10 spelling and grammar mistakes from our Twitter followers’ websites

Don’t worry: we are not naming names. The point we are making is that there are silly mistakes on most websites. It is always worth revisiting the text on your website and assessing whether it gives the right impression about your company.

Here are 10 mistakes we found on a trawl of our Twitter followers’ websites.

1. We check reguraly
I’m playing all the write notes, but not necessarily in the right order. Continue reading