Ex-Northern Ireland U21 goalie helping you save

He spends his Saturday afternoons making saves on the pitch, but one local footballer is now using his weekdays to help Northern Irish consumers save in a different way.

Ards FC goalkeeper Aaron Kerr is the senior account manager of Northern Ireland deals website Daily Dealicious. The site launched last month and is keeping Aaron busier than even the most prolific of IFA Championship strikers.

When he is not being called into action on the pitch, the former Northern Ireland under-21 international is now making pitches of a different sort since starting work at the Belfast-based company three months ago. Continue reading

10 spelling and grammar mistakes from our Twitter followers’ websites

Don’t worry: we are not naming names. The point we are making is that there are silly mistakes on most websites. It is always worth revisiting the text on your website and assessing whether it gives the right impression about your company.

Here are 10 mistakes we found on a trawl of our Twitter followers’ websites.

1. We check reguraly
I’m playing all the write notes, but not necessarily in the right order. Continue reading

Five reasons your small or medium business needs PR

1. People are interested in what you are doing
They might not realise – and you might not even realise it – but you do have a story to tell and people will want to hear it. Your PR company will be able to tell you what that story is, how to tell it and tailor it to the people who will convey it on your behalf.

2. You’re probably already spending the money
You might be advertising in the local paper, printing off leaflets or flyers or organising mailshots. Consider diverting some of that budget towards PR. Good PR is organic, more believable and more noticeable than advertising, particularly when you are working with a smaller budget.

3. PR will enhance your reputation
There is an enormous psychological difference for the consumer between having advertising foisted upon you and choosing to read or watch about a newsworthy enterprise. Being seen to have news value builds your status as a reputable business. Continue reading