Video: Gareth Dunlop on the importance of the written content of websites

This video was recorded at last month’s Bizcamp at the Ulster Museum, Belfast. Gareth Dunlop, of digital marketing company iON, gave an interesting talk on corporate websites.

If you are a web designer or you are currently overseeing the re-design of your corporate website, it is probably worth watching the entire talk. From Voz’s point-of-view, we are particularly interested in the section from 4mins to 7mins.

Gareth underlines the importance of copywriting and written content in the creation of corporate websites (that is what your clients are interested in, after all). He also has a bit of a laugh at the lack of thought many businesses currently give to the text on their website.

We thought we would help to spread the word a bit further: words not images.

Nice shiny websites need nice shiny content

It is quite incredible how many companies and (even more worryingly) public service bodies spend thousands of pounds on a beautiful website only to realise afterwards that nobody in-house has the first idea of how to update it. Indeed, the more devious of web developers will make information on how to update the site as difficult to get hold of.

This often leads clients with two options. Either leave the lovely new website to get stale and boring, or sign up to usually expensive after-care packages from the web developer.

But there is, in the words of one high street bank, another way. Continue reading