Web designers: Five reasons to work with a copywriter

1. It will make your life easier
Not working with a copywriter is an immediate inconvenience to you. You will either be expected to write the content yourself, which probably isn’t your area of expertise and for which you probably won’t be getting paid, or you will find yourself waiting for client-supplied content. And waiting, and waiting.

2. You’re inadvertent internet wardens
For the vast majority of people, a web designer is the first and only port of call for questions, queries or quandaries relating to their internet presence. They probably haven’t thought of using a copywriter. They might not even know what a copywriter is. Pointing your clients in the direction of a copywriter helps your client, helps you, helps the internet and, last but not least, helps copywriters!

3. Bad content detracts from your design
Yes, you’ll predominantly be judged on your web design skills, but bad content can reduce your work-of-art to a laughing stock. As previously mentioned, many people believe that web designers ‘do’ websites. Poor copy can unfairly detract from an otherwise brilliant piece of design work.

4. It’s in your interests for your sites to get lots of traffic
It’s ultimately the content that people will visit a website to consume. Since your name/logo/website link is at the bottom of the page, it makes sense to want the website to be seen by as many people as possible. Great content will bring more people to the site and increase the potential for your work to be noticed.

5. It might make you more money
Whether you put a mark-up on copywriting quotes, agree a referral fee with a copywriter or arrange to get referrals from a copywriter in return, there are lots of ways to think about using copywriting as a new revenue stream for your business.

If you’re interested in linking up with a copywriter on your web projects, get in touch.

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