10 reasons to use us when you next need a copywriter

10 reasons to use us when you next need a copywriter

Voz Media

1. You get great value

We write copy that sells, so you’ll get value for money when you use us. That’s easy for us to say, you might think, so let’s move on to reason number 2…

2. Our clients recommend that you should

Read testimonials from people who’ve used our services and are happy to recommend us to you (and will vouch that we are great value).

3. You know the price in advance

Once we’ve got your brief, you’ll get a quote from us and that’s the price you pay. All above board and no fuss.

4. We’re experts at getting to know your business quickly

Drawing on our experience in journalism, we ask the questions that help us get to the heart of your business very quickly. That means minimal time input but incisive copy for you.

5. Your copy will be written with your business goals in mind

The copy we write is always driven by the needs of your business. No matter what your business does or who will be reading the copy, our first priority is to make sure that it helps you to achieve your objectives.

6. Your work will be turned around quickly

It’s that journalistic experience again. We don’t like dragging our heels on projects – it must be all that working to deadlines – so you can expect your copy to be with you when we say it will be.

7. We’ve written copy for all sorts of people

Large public sector organisations, politicians, tech companies, heating firms, electrical contractors, fashion brands… you name it, we’ve written about it. And we can write about your business too.

8. We ‘get’ you

It’s a handy knack to have. We tend to be able to understand what you’re after very quickly. This makes life easier for both of us, because it saves time and usually keeps revisions to an absolute minimum.

9. We’re flexible

You can call us in for a one-off project or retain our copywriting services all year round. Whatever works best for you.

10. You’ve read this far

If you’ve made it to this point, you’ve probably already read our homepage and the first nine reasons to work with us. Now let’s create copy that compels people to read about your business.

*11. Bonus reason

You can meet the Voz Media dog, if you like! Unfortunately, that reason won’t help you to sell anything. Unless you get your customers to look into those eyes…

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