Copywriting for LinkedIn Ads

Are you considering advertising through the LinkedIn Ads platform?

That’s probably not a bad idea if you’re a B2B company or if you’re specifically targeting professionals with your product or service. So, how do you write adverts for LinkedIn?

The good news is that it’s really no different than writing PPC adverts in general – only the platform changes.

Here’s how to do it…

Write for one person

Yes, your advert will be seen by hundreds or thousands of people but remember that you’re addressing an individual, not a crowd.

Think about who you want the advert to reach. The targeting system within LinkedIn Ads will force you to consider who the advert is aimed at, but it’s best to take this to the next level.

Who is the precise person that you want to reach? Give them a name and a job title, then write to them.

Work out what benefit you’re selling

What’s the benefit of the product or service that you’re offering? Once you’ve decided, write a headline that focuses on that benefit.

This is a solid rule to follow in any form of advertising. Unfortunately, with LinkedIn Ads you have only 25 characters to tell your reader how clicking on your advert will improve their life.

Choose hard-hitting words

The body copy of a LinkedIn advert allows you just 75 characters split over two lines, so it’s vital that every word you choose makes an impression on the reader.

One way of achieving this is to opt for so-called ‘power words’. These are words like guarantee, quick, now, money, free, learn and easy – things that automatically pique our interest.

Write, edit, edit, edit, edit

Get down exactly what you want to say without worrying too much about the character limits imposed by LinkedIn.

The advert will really start to come to life when you begin the editing process. You’ll start to spot words that don’t really need to be in the advert and think of more concise ways to get the message across more effectively.

Add a call-to-action – just the one

What should your reader do once they’ve clicked? Why would they bother clicking on your advert?

Let them know whether they are clicking to sign-up for something, buy your product, receive a discount code or just contact you.

Of course, the call-to-action will be tied to the benefit that you’ve previously identified. You need to tell them the next step they must take in order for them to attain that benefit.

LinkedIn Ads barely have room for one call-to-action but if you were thinking of squeezing in two, don’t. It is best to give people a single, clear course of action.


Just because you’ve written your advert doesn’t mean you now have to throw all your budget at it.

Write different versions – perhaps focusing on a different benefit or maybe just using different words – and test which version attracts more clicks and, subsequently, generates more business.

You can continue to refine your advert to make it work as hard as possible for your business.

Need a professional copywriter for your LinkedIn Ads? Get in touch.

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