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Email marketing that delivers

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Copywriting that helps you and your customers to click

People get precious about their inbox. If you’re sending them an email, it had better be good. That delete button – or even worse the spam button – is only a click away. And they don’t even have to read what you’ve got to say first.

Email marketing is a relatively new technology for most businesses, but the objectives are very familiar: convince people to read and, ultimately, persuade them to buy.

Or to visit your website. Or read about your new service. Or reply to you.

Whatever you need your emails to do, we’ll make it happen.

Are you settling for quantity over quality?

Some people think email marketing is about bulk delivery of huge numbers of emails. That technology is very useful, but sending pointless drivel to thousands of people is a big waste of time. The all-important ‘marketing’ aspect of email marketing is making sure the people you send it to receive a compelling message.

Whether you want to send a sales email or an email newsletter, we’ll write copy that delivers what you need.

The format and style of writing will change, but your email will always focus on getting your reader’s attention, giving them great content and convincing them to take an action that will benefit your business.

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