How to write blog posts Google will love

Are you slogging away on your business blog but not getting the increase in traffic you were hoping for? Here are a few pointers to help you write content that will improve your Google ranking.

Write blog posts that real people love

That’s the first step. It’s far easier to improve your Google ranking if readers love your blog posts.

As the search engines become more sophisticated, they can detect churned out SEO content far more easily. It’s better to forget you’re even aiming to impress Google and focus purely on your human audience while you’re writing.

Include keywords in the title

It’s easy to succumb to the temptation of pun-tastic or slightly cryptic headlines. But if you want people to find your blog, you have to take a slightly ‘Ronseal’ approach to your headlines.

There’s still room for creativity, and going overboard with keywords will have a negative impact, but make sure that your main search terms are included.

Answer your customers’ questions

You’re dealing with your customers every day, so you know the things they struggle to comprehend and the things that interest them.

Use your blog posts to address those issues. You can guarantee your customers aren’t the only people who have questions about those things.

Add value

Leading on from answering your customers questions, which is one way of adding value, ensure that your blog posts benefit the reader in some way.

If you can inform or entertain your reader in a blog post, they’re far more likely to share it through their social media accounts. That means more readers and more links to your blog.

Get a Google+ profile

You might feel that a new social network is the last thing you need, but G+’s impact on the search rankings makes this one worthwhile.

Set-up an authorship profile to benefit from Author Rank – a little photo and by-line beneath your articles in Google searches that also boosts your position in the search rankings.

Don’t concern yourself with keyword density

Google doesn’t like you shoehorning hundreds of keywords into your blog posts, nor does it have a magic keyword percentage it would like you to use.

You should just write naturally about your subject matter and, if you’re doing that properly, you should find yourself incorporating relevant keywords along the way.

Play the long game

Don’t expect to see overnight results from your blogging. You’re probably going up against well-established sites that have been blogging for years.

Be patient and keep writing fresh, quality content. You’ll start to see results over time.

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  1. This is very useful. Thanks. I have been struggling to set up the google authorship profile but will try again now. Thanks Clare

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