Press release writing

Press releases that build your profile

Voz Media

Let’s tell the world what you’re doing. Now.

People are interested in the exciting things that are happening in your business.

You’ve got lots of good news to shout about. Perhaps you’re not sure what it is or how to package it so that the media are interested. We’ll hunt out your stories and present them to journalists in a ready-to-publish format.

Finding the angle that puts your business in the spotlight

Your business can get its messages across through the media. It’s just a case of finding an angle that helps you achieve your goals while still appealing to the media.

We’ll target traditional and online media outlets that matter to your customers and help to get your brand noticed by the people that are important to you. That might mean local media, national media or trade publications.

Use our media contacts to distribute the press release or take delivery of the finished release and send it out yourself.

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