What to write on your business website

When you’re planning a new website, the most difficult aspect for everyone involved is usually the copy: the words that go on the website.

Having handed responsibility for the design and look of your website to a web designer, the ball will suddenly be back in your court when the designer wants to find out what you’re planning to do about the content.

Ideally, you’ll have the text for your website ready to go before any design work starts. It’s far better to have the designer creating the site using your content rather than you or a copywriter later writing content to fit the dummy text on a mocked-up version of the site.

So, what should I write?


Your website copy should begin and end with the benefits of working with your business.

This is the stuff that matters to your readers, so make sure it is your priority when planning the messages you want to reach potential customers.

Your USP

Why would someone reading your website choose to work with you rather than a competitor?

Your website content is a great opportunity to make this crystal clear.

What you do

Your website should explain what it is you do, but always through the benefits-focused lens we’ve already mentioned.

The copy should be in plain language and avoid confusing people with unnecessary jargon.

The things that matter

In explaining what it is you do, try to distil the information down to the aspects that matter to your customers.

It’s important to have the detachment to recognise what’s exciting to you about your business and what will excite people outside the business. Often they’re not the same things.

The ‘Ronseal’ stuff

Don’t get too caught up in some of the myths surrounding search engine optimisation. What is worth doing is ensuring you use your main keywords naturally within the copy.

So, if you’re a painter and decorator in Dudley, it’s probably a good idea to mention that at some point.

Calls to action

What should somebody do after they’ve read your website content? Use your copy to encourage them to do just that.

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Why your words on the web matter

Think about why other people’s words on the web matter to you
In order to realise the importance of your website content, you need only think about your own online experience. Why do you visit other people’s websites? You probably wouldn’t need too many fingers to count the number of times you’ve bought a product or service on the basis of design alone.

Beyond that, consider the sort of information that you’re looking for when you visit a website. That leads us to…

Tell your readers why it matters to them
When you land on a company’s website, you’re probably not overly impressed by being bombarded with information about what generation of the family is currently running the business or the minutiae of what the business does. Similarly, people visiting your site don’t really care about these things. The reader needs to know what’s in it for them. Insular, self-centred copy is off-putting to readers. Continue reading

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Give some Valentine’s Day love to your web content

Since it is Valentine’s Day, Voz has decided to give you some encouragement to rekindle the flame with your website copy. Here are a few vaguely romantic tips…

Have some alone time
That’s right: just you and your web content. Sit down for a heart-to-heart and make sure your relationship is still as strong as you thought. Are you still pulling together in the same direction in joyous union or has one of you moved on? Don’t go breaking things off just yet though. Your web content can change – it can be what you want it to be. Continue reading