Web designers: Five reasons to work with a copywriter

1. It will make your life easier
Not working with a copywriter is an immediate inconvenience to you. You will either be expected to write the content yourself, which probably isn’t your area of expertise and for which you probably won’t be getting paid, or you will find yourself waiting for client-supplied content. And waiting, and waiting.

2. You’re inadvertent internet wardens
For the vast majority of people, a web designer is the first and only port of call for questions, queries or quandaries relating to their internet presence. They probably haven’t thought of using a copywriter. They might not even know what a copywriter is. Pointing your clients in the direction of a copywriter helps your client, helps you, helps the internet and, last but not least, helps copywriters!

3. Bad content detracts from your design
Yes, you’ll predominantly be judged on your web design skills, but bad content can reduce your work-of-art to a laughing stock. As previously mentioned, many people believe that web designers ‘do’ websites. Poor copy can unfairly detract from an otherwise brilliant piece of design work.

4. It’s in your interests for your sites to get lots of traffic
It’s ultimately the content that people will visit a website to consume. Since your name/logo/website link is at the bottom of the page, it makes sense to want the website to be seen by as many people as possible. Great content will bring more people to the site and increase the potential for your work to be noticed.

5. It might make you more money
Whether you put a mark-up on copywriting quotes, agree a referral fee with a copywriter or arrange to get referrals from a copywriter in return, there are lots of ways to think about using copywriting as a new revenue stream for your business.

If you’re interested in linking up with a copywriter on your web projects, get in touch.

Why your words on the web matter

Think about why other people’s words on the web matter to you
In order to realise the importance of your website content, you need only think about your own online experience. Why do you visit other people’s websites? You probably wouldn’t need too many fingers to count the number of times you’ve bought a product or service on the basis of design alone.

Beyond that, consider the sort of information that you’re looking for when you visit a website. That leads us to…

Tell your readers why it matters to them
When you land on a company’s website, you’re probably not overly impressed by being bombarded with information about what generation of the family is currently running the business or the minutiae of what the business does. Similarly, people visiting your site don’t really care about these things. The reader needs to know what’s in it for them. Insular, self-centred copy is off-putting to readers. Continue reading

Video: Gareth Dunlop on the importance of the written content of websites

This video was recorded at last month’s Bizcamp at the Ulster Museum, Belfast. Gareth Dunlop, of digital marketing company iON, gave an interesting talk on corporate websites.

If you are a web designer or you are currently overseeing the re-design of your corporate website, it is probably worth watching the entire talk. From Voz’s point-of-view, we are particularly interested in the section from 4mins to 7mins.

Gareth underlines the importance of copywriting and written content in the creation of corporate websites (that is what your clients are interested in, after all). He also has a bit of a laugh at the lack of thought many businesses currently give to the text on their website.

We thought we would help to spread the word a bit further: words not images.

How we’re curing the blight of Northern Ireland web designers

As far as we’ve been able to tell so far, the sheer quantity of web designers in Northern Ireland is a bit of a running joke in some circles. While that means that designers are constantly battling to stand out from the crowd, there is one concern that joins most of them together: text.

In our former life in England, and certainly in our experience in Northern Ireland so far, the vast majority of designers Voz has come across find the written content to be the bane of their lives.

We know web designers who:

  • are constantly itching to move on to the next project but are held up waiting for text from clients
  • have attempted to bodge together text themselves free of charge because clients either didn’t realise they would need to provide text or have dragged their heels for so long
  • want to offer an all-in-one service but don’t feel their writing skills are up to scratch.

That is where Voz comes in. At a very reasonable rate, we provide quality written content for your clients. We can fit in with whatever works best for your business, including a ‘white label’ service where everything appears to be produced in-house by your company.

It not only makes life easier for web designers, who would rather be focusing on the aesthetics of their projects, but also adds another string to the bow of web development companies.

Find out more about our copywriting here.